The Wallmart Pharmacy closes faster on Sunday

It’s an important news to everyone who loves to buy the medicines at the Wallmart Pharmacy. As you know, sometimes we need to rush into the Pharmacy in order to find which helps us to cure our stomach ache, flu, or even diarrhea quickly. Unfortunately, when we’re visiting the Wallmart Pharmacy Hour Sunday, you may be surprised to see a closed drugstore. Yes, some people don’t know What Time Does Walmart Pharmacy Close on Sunday.

It’s actually opening for only 8 hours on Sunday. It’s 4 hours shorter than the weekdays. Not only that the Wallmart Pharmacy is also opening from 10 AM, which is one hour later than the Monday to Saturday. Furthermore, it’s also closing at 6 PM which is 3 hours earlier than the weekdays. Make sure you remember this if you wish to visit the Wallmart Pharmacy on Sunday, due to some people have mistaken the hours to be the same hours just like the weekdays.