Matcha Flavor Ice Cream in McDonald’s

A few moment ago, one of the most famous fast food restaurants which are McDonald’s has made a new breakthrough again by presenting a typical Japanese menu that can make you crave for it even when only imagining it. One of the most popular ones amongst this menu is the matcha top which is ice cream in a cone and topped with matcha flavor.

For the price of this special ice cream, you can get it at a regular Mcdonalds Ice Cream Price for an ice cream cone. With such a cheap and affordable price, you will already be able to enjoy the classic style of vanilla ice cream of McDonald’s that is topped with matcha frosting, not only making it a lot more delicious but also pretty to look at. The green color will make you a lot cooler when enjoying the cool taste of the ice cream. Not only that, the taste of matcha is pretty strong though a bit sweet as the taste of matcha is quite pronounced and the aroma is very fragrant. So, for those of you who are a matcha lover, you must definitely not want to miss a chance to try this ice cream.

In addition to delicious ice cream matcha, you can also enjoy other matcha flavor desserts, such as Matcha Oreo McFlurry which is not less special. The familiar vanilla ice cream of McFlurry is stirred together with matcha liquid complimented with Oreo flakes. The combination of the matcha flavor and Ore flakes, indeed, makes the ice cream taste a lot more delicious. The taste of the vanilla ice cream itself is sweet and that combination is able to add another taste that makes this ice cream more interesting. So, for you who like matcha, you will absolutely like it because the matcha taste is very delicious.