‘Logan’: The Soul and the Wound Behind a Mutant

‘Logan’ is not the most superhero movie. This time the audience will find that this movie is an adult drama that happens to be characters are mutants of ‘X-Men’. When the picture first appeared and we witnessed the figure of Logan (HughJackman), the first word he uttered was “fuck”. The Logan we see today is not the Logan we’ve ever known. This is 2029. Time has shown its effect to Logan. Her skin is wrinkled, her body is full of scars, and her skill to heal wounds begins to fade. While the mutants out there are getting extinct, Logan is trying hard to survive by being a limo driver. Logan movie, already aired with HD visuals at http://www.juaramovie.com.

‘Logan’ is a drama movie disguised as a superhero movie. As a superhero movie, ‘Logan’ offers scenes of brutal sadistic action that may only be matched by two ‘John Wick’ series movies. This film does not offer excessive visual effects that usually exist in similar films. From the beginning, director James Mangold was not interested in that. Mangold tries to portray ‘Logan’ as real as possible with a movie western shot of here and there. But, even in the absence of excessive visual effects, ‘Logan’ remains primed thanks to its brutal and satisfactory persuasion. With a road movie as a plot, Mangold manages to make ‘Logan’ not just a superhero movie that has a heart but also perfect delivery for Jackman’s last film as Logan. Visual Mangold-aided by cinematographer John Mathieson-echoed it. The dust we see throughout the film is how Logan’s feelings raged. Then the film ends with a calm element of water.