The Importance of Maintaining Hygiene of Miss V

All women need to understand how to care for their sex organs. In order for health and hygiene to be always awake, be sure to clean it in the right way. If you want to tighten the miss v, you can visit our website and get v tight gel.

The appearance of the unpleasant aroma of your intimate organs is of course very disturbing. In fact, it is not impossible this will have a negative impact on the life of your marriage and make you lose confidence. It is natural that the vagina to excrete a particular smell, so do not worry too much about it. It’s just that you need to notice if your sex organs are starting to emit a sharp or fishy aroma as this can indicate the symptoms of health problems. Especially if the vagina began to issue spots abnormally, symptoms of itching and heat sensation, and showed signs of irritation. If this happens, it’s better to see a doctor immediately.

The vagina usually emits an aroma when the condition is moist, for example when the body is sweating. Menstrual cycle and sexual activity can also make your vagina a slightly different scent than usual.

Beyond the above conditions, the infection can also cause unpleasant scents. Naturally, our vagina secretes mucus to keep the pH level of the sex organ balanced so that good bacteria can multiply and prevent infection. If the pH level is unbalanced, then your vagina is at risk of infection. One of the common infections is bacterial vaginosis, a condition when bacterial growth in the vagina is much higher than the usual condition, resulting in an unpleasant smell. Unpleasant odours can also be caused by trichomoniasis, one of the sexually transmitted diseases.

Another more common thing that can cause the unpleasant smell is less clean the vagina. Therefore, understanding the proper way to maintain intimate organ cleanliness is important for us to know.