Dental Milk Problems Often Occurring In Children

Although milk teeth are not permanent, but milk teeth can not be separated from the problem. Children may experience dental problems, such as plaque, sensitive teeth, discolored teeth, and more. Therefore, it is expected that the child’s teeth are treated as early as possible, even since the child’s teeth begin to appear. Not only permanent teeth that can be perforated, but milk teeth can also. This is usually caused by small children eating too often sweet foods, such as cakes, candies, and chocolates. After eating, the child usually does not brush his teeth, so the rest of the sweet foods are attached to the teeth. Sugar attached to the tooth becomes a bacterial ‘food’ to multiply. Acid released by bacteria to digest these sugars can erode tooth enamel. Over time, dental plaque can develop and can develop into cavities. Hole in the child’s teeth should not be considered trivial because various tooth pain originated from cavities. So consult your dentist Strathcona Dental Clinic immediately and see what kind of treatment you can get through the website.

Babies who are used to sucking bottles while lying can also develop cavities. Because milk sugar can stagnate on teeth while nursing while sleeping. This is commonly known as baby bottle caries. Severe cavities in children can cause a child’s tooth to collapse within 6 months or swollen teeth. To prevent tooth decay, clean the child’s teeth as early as possible, when the child’s first tooth has started to appear. If the child is older, teach the child to always brush his teeth twice a day with toothpaste. One more, do not get used to drinking bottle of milk while lying down. Sensitive teeth can also occur in children. This makes the child feel his teeth pain when eating or drinking a cold or hot. Because of this, of course, the child can feel uncomfortable while eating. Sensitive teeth can occur when the child’s enamel has thinned due to the acid from the bacteria. Sensitive teeth can also occur due to small cracks in the tooth or gums at low tide (due to improper toothbrushing). To overcome this problem, children should wear sensitive dental special tooth regularly or consult the Strathcona Dental Clinic.