Consume This Food To Delay Your Period

The period is already a woman’s nature But of course, there is some time when you want to postpone your period. Is there a way you can do it? Of course, there are, you can visit to find out more. Here are some foods you can consume to delay your period.

– Lentils
Lentils are a type of Egyptian nuts believed to have existed since the early years of 7,000 BC. Its cultivation covers the territory of the country in the Middle East, India, and Pakistan. You can fry the lentils or cook them into soups to eat. Eat every morning when the stomach is empty, since at least one week before the fall of menstruation.

– Gelatin
Gelatin is very effective in delaying menstruation. Take a pack of gelatin mixture and mix it with warm water. Consumption of warm gelatin water can you rely on when urgent to help menstruation delay at least about four hours. Wow!